After Dinner Entertainment

In addition to entertaining audiences as a close-up magician, Steve performs much of his magic as a versatile after dinner speaker by blending his wide repertoire of his fascinating illusions with an element of his own brand of comedy.

Steve’s stand-up shows differ from his more intimate form of close-up presentations. As an after dinner speaker Steve’s performances are generally performed from a stage or raised area in front of a seated audience, this enables Steve to entertain large numbers of people with an infusion of more complex miracles.


The amazing illusions Steve can demonstrate might include ‘sawing a lady in half’ and ‘levitation’ … but one thing is sure … his performance will leave your imagination buzzing!

Steve’s stand-up shows bring verve and excitement to any event. Although the stand-up show is ideal for small audiences, it is also suited to occasions where large numbers of people need to be entertained that are seated in a theatre, arena that involves auditorium style seating.