For the past few years I have been entertaining passengers on the world’s luxury cruise liners. This is of course a dream job and I have been to many places including the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

I only perform about four 45min shows during a 3 or 4 week cruise so there is plenty of time to watch all the other shows and meet up with other entertainers. When entertainers get together we can talk about our experiences of our shows on land and at sea. We can also learn from talking to and watching other entertainers.

Then there is the wonderful food! I like to sit with passengers for the evening meal and meet people from all walks of life and have interesting conversations about the ship and ports we have visited. One of my favourite places to visit is Venice and have been there quite a few times and have gone on the organised tours of the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. Although I do enjoy just sitting in a café with an ice cream and watching the world go by.

All my shows have to be different as it will be the same audience watching. I am always working on new magic to include in the shows.

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