Hotels and Restaurants

In a highly competitive market, restaurants and hotels are realising that they need to find imaginative ways to bring in custom. Most establishments hire a singer, band or discotheque for Christmas and special events, to provide entertainment, but many are finding that diners also enjoy being entertained when they go out to eat at weekends and other times.

As a professional magician and entertainer, Steve realises the value he can bring to a dining establishment by providing his special brand of entertainment.

There are two ways this can be done. The first is to provide a stand-up show when space permits that provides an opportunity for Steve to entertain the entire dining room at the same time. The other way, and the most popular, particularly when space is limited, is for Steve to entertain at individual tables with his close-up form of magic that relies on sleight of hand using small objects. Either way, Steve guarantees that diners will be thrilled by his stunning humorous way of demonstrating magic.


Customers love being entertained … and everybody likes to be excited and have something to laugh at.  What better entertainment can there be than a versatile magician who is also an entertainer?

During busy times it can often take a little longer than desired for food to reach tables. With Steve’s walkabout, close-up style of magic, diners are kept amused while waiting for their food and are therefore less likely to put pressure on the waiting staff.

Happy customers, of course, are likely to return, and if they have been entertained will tell others about their experience. With this in mind, Steve’s can tailor his magic show to include a special giveaway bearing the name of the hotel or restaurant that customers can take away as a lasting reminder of their visit.